Health Care

Helps to making the operations of a healthcare organization more smooth and more efficient.

Services that we Provide

Customer Engagement Solutions

KangaSys will help you design and plan the development of:

  • Custom patient portals.
  • Medical websites.
  • Mobile applications for health parameters tracking, nutrition monitoring, etc.
TeleMedicine Software

KangaSys’s experts design telemedicine software offering:

  • Engaging video appointments.
  • Remote diagnosing and vitals tracking (e.g., for pulse, blood pressure).
  • Data analytics of patient outcome trends, physician performance.
Patient Relationship Management

KangaSys will help you plan:

  • Patient CRM with a 360-degree patient view.
  • Digital PR and marketing strategy.
  • Integrations of patient relationship management software with EHR and other clinical applications to avoid dispersed data.
Healthcare Data Management and Analytics

We help integrate data from all required apps to get insights into:

  • Patient outcomes.
  • Physicians’ and nurses’ performance.
  • Research and development progress.
  • Financial data analytics.
  • Medical facilities condition and usage.

The Healthcare Industry is comprised of companies that offer clinical services, manufacture drugs and medical equipment, and provide healthcare-related support services like medical insurance. Its also referred to as the medical industry. These companies play a key role in the diagnosis, treatment, nursing, and management of illness, disease, and injury.

The healthcare industry also provides preventive, remedial and therapeutic services to patients. To offer these services, there needs to be collaboration amongst healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, medical administrators, government agencies, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturers, and medical insurance companies.

The Healthcare Industry is one of the largest and is expected to continue growing well into the future guided by several drivers. Key among them will be; technological innovation, integration of medicine and healthcare, smart healthcare data management, and a patient-centered restructuring.

This growth will be inevitable if and when technology is be embraced in every sector of the healthcare industry. This will call for massive investments in terms of cognitive computing, electronic patient records, interoperability, big data, etc. A digitized healthcare system will provide for better diagnostics, improve the quality of care, and also reduce operational costs.

Support of all healthcare IT ecosystem components (e.g., networks, IoMT infrastructure, EHR, patient portals).
Preparing your health organization for waves of disruption, today and into tomorrow.
Making every part of your healthcare business more cyber resilient.